Custom Wiring
Skyrealm LLC
Skyrealm provides installation and connection for most consumer electronics.  We can prewire for TV (satellite, cable or antenna), home theater, computer networks or intercom in new or remodel construction. Prices to the right.

We can also provide wiring for your systems in existing buildings.  Our crew can also clean up and possibly simplify your existing entertainment component connections.

Skyrealm can assist connecting that new DVD, stereo or TV. We can mount your TV and provide all connections of your different components.

If you would like to move the furniture in your room but have not been able to do to the wiring requirements we can wire in the basics or move the whole system for you.

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 (970) 224-5748

Single Satellite Dish Solution To Prevent Antenna Farms At Multiple Dwelling Units

- One location for a single dish to serve the entire building

- Requires three RG6 coax cables routed from dish location to cable junction room

- Plans for two dishes in a single location to accomodate the option of simultaneously providing service from Dish Network and Directv can also be provided

- Free consultation on dish placement and cable route

Cabling Rate Per Drop On Prewire Not Post Wire.

  single RG6 coax cable drop - $ 75.00
  dual RG6 coax cable drop - $95.00
  security camera drop - $95.00
  single CATV5 drop plated and tested - $95.00
  speaker wire drop - $60.00